Foraged Produce – Wild Cherry Recipes

This is the season that we can all ‘up our game’ when it comes to our use of foraged and homegrown produce. With the arrival of summer, comes an abundance of produce that we cannot possibly use all at once. To avoid the issue of wastage, I have the answer… Preserves!

This week I have been focusing on Wild Cherries. There are a huge amount of Wild Cherry trees in the UK but we seem to under utilise this incredible fruit and allow the birds to fly off with our share. Wild Cherries aren’t always the most exciting thing to eat straight off the tree because of their lower sugar content. However, when you use them to make jam, pickles, griotte or other preserved cherry products you extract all that wonderful cherry flavour whilst enhancing their sweetness and in doing so, you have a product that will last a full year!

Here are some easy recipes to try at home!

pickled wild cherries

  • Pitt your cherries before you use them ( I find it quickest just to do this by hand)

Sour Pickled Wild Cherries
520g Pitted Wild Cherries
300ml White Wine Vinegar
360ml Water
240g Caster Sugar
45 Peppercorns
2 Star Anise

  • Boil your Water and add the sugar and vinegar
  • Take off the heat and add the cherries, peppercorns and star anise
  • Decant into a large sterilised Kilner jar

(These will likely be used on a duck dish in the restaurant at Cellar Door later in the summer)

Griotte Wild Cherries (Soaked in liqueur)
250g pitted wild cherries
150ml sugar syrup 1:1 Ratio
50ml vodka
50ml Heering Cherry Liqueur/ Kirsh

  • Put the wild cherries in a sterilied kilner jar
  • Pour over alcohol, liqueur and cooled sugar syrup

griotte cherries

(These will become part of one of the next desserts up in the restaurant at Cellar Door)

Also… Don’t be afraid to use Pineapple weed flower heads! This is delicious, dried and baked into homemade breads!

pineappleweed foraged